Sunday, January 31, 2010

About My Father

"Pater Noster, qui es in caelis:

sanctificetur nomen tuum: adveniat regnun tuum:
fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie:
et dimmite nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
Et ne nos inducas in tentantionem.
Sed libera nos a malo.


God reminds me of my father, for more than a father, it was him who taught me a little bit of the language that seems more likely to be the language God speaks (Although I know God doesn't speak languages... He is the Verb and every verb is part of Him, no matter in what language our hearts speak).

It was also my father who showed me the beauty of Creation, the tenderness of the cultivated fields, the virtue of kindness and so many other magnificent things we have inherited from God.

My father seems like God, because he hides himself regardless of his infinite love, because he acts on my behalf without ruling, without worrying if the good things that happen are going to be his merit or if his children will simply think they are lucky.

I have no luck. I have the sword of good will in my right hand and the shield of justice in front of me.
I have no luck. I have a Father that for so much love gave me another father, so I could get closer to the essence of God and so we could talk promptly and with more substance.

May God allow me to keep this divine connection for many years and that I can have the happiness of sharing with my siblings the fascination it is to have a father that is so much similar to God in his wisdom, patience, selflessness and love.


Vanessa Emmanuelle.

This text was written in 2007 and translated now in 2010, so I could share the divine experience I have with my Father with more people. I hope the translation is good enough...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About a Special Guy

When my friend came to ask me about the pains of his heart I made him the gift of this book. As I was concerned that he could be deceived by the simplicity of the words Saint-Exupéry used I decided to give him some keys to start opening some real doors:

My dear,

This book, The Little Prince, was not meant to be read by kids, but by those who find the kid inside themselves.
I know that you, like the Little Prince, can see beauty and nature as more valuable things than the values society imposes to us.

This Little Prince, like you, was living alone on his own planet having almost no friends and not much going on in his life.
One day he is gifted a rose. His flower perfumed his planet and even though she was not too modest, she was still exciting and so moving the Little Prince would feel happy. Isn't it what happens when people find someone that can finally give colors to their black and white lives? And why are we always confused with them despite the freshness they give to our souls?
Well, be prepared, flowers are never easy to understand, basically because they are not meant to be understood. It's the Little Prince who says: "I ought not to have listened to her," (...). "One never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance. Mine perfumed all my planet. But I did not know how to take pleasure in all her grace."

I know, just a few men can be like our little friend. Although every single man carries a kid inside, most of them forget about it... Some devote themselves to their vanity, others to their shame and although we all know it's very ugly to be too conceited or too weak, they were the first ones the Little Prince met on his journey. Therefore, learn this - people are frequently deceived by vanity, pride, power or failure and for this they cannot take care of any other thing than themselves. My friend, don't become one of them, there are many out there already. One cannot look at the stars or find love by looking at himself in the mirror.

It looks like it took some time to the Little Prince to understand that friendship is scarce in Earth and that you have to give more than receive. As you will see, the Prince was so impatient to go on and make new friends, if it was not for the fox to beg him to stay and tame him, the Little Prince would have lost a great secret just a friend can tell. Well, the secret... I'll let the fox tell you. But I have to let you know this - to avoid deception you should like your friends more than they like you and give them more than you have. The impossibility of giving more than you have is what makes the miracle of friendship or love... trust me on this.

Indeed it is a friend's responsibility to help you to see better. This is why I'm giving you this book, but I'll give you an extra key in case you find your rose too complex. Like the rose the Little Prince loved, your flower can make you feel guilty, but still set you free and you may not understand it. Oh! Explaining love is useless, but sometimes it's necessary to be apart to know a rose better and genuine roses know it.

One more thing, just a relationship can give meaning to things in your life. As the fox cries out "Oh! I shall weep" when the Little Prince announces he is going away, we learn that it is still worth it because of the wheat fields. Don't be silly, the wheat fields are anything you found meaningful because of a relationship, just like the T means a lot to me just because it sings the songs you used to sing to me when I was sad... when we used to commute together. Now you're not close anymore, but I still have the T...

Still, you may ask me if it's too late to retrieve your perfumed planet. I believe there's always a way, but it may hurt you. If you are taking the risks go see what the Little Prince has to tell you.


The Fox!

Vanessa Emmanuelle.