Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About timing

Timing is hard… I’ve been thinking about what would be the right time. What’s the right time to wake up, the right time to call a friend, the right time to dream, the right time to start something new?
As spring comes, rain is necessary, there is the right time for the rain, and there is the right measure. If there’s rain after or before the right time, some flowers will never bloom. Maybe the very necessary flowers will never bloom.
Then, if you wake up too early you’ll find the world too dark and you’ll get tired soon. If you call a friend at any time, he might talk to you, but if you call him when he really needs you, he’ll count on you. If you dream your dreams at the right time, they may come true, otherwise they can turn into a nightmare and this is the same with the new things you want to learn… to learn you have to be ready, otherwise you’ll just spend time.
Timing… leaves wait for the flowers to bloom, fish wait for the right moon to sleep together, farmers wait for the right time to sow...
What happens if you learn what you shouldn’t have learned at this very moment and that makes you wake up for a world that you were not prepared for and any friend calls you on this moment that you need them so much and your dreams become endless nightmares?
I believe for every mistake on your timing there’s a new chance to recalculate, but that demands willingness. Does everyone have that? Recalculating can be really painful, so we better become experts in timing and patient learners to understand some mistakes that will certainly come.
Now, if this is not the perfect time to start or to finish, to dream or to wake up, to say something or to be silent, what should we do with the time we have?
While we wait it’s necessary to get ready by knowing yourself better. Think more of yourself, enjoy yourself, inquire yourself and spend time on your own. This way you’ll know your limits and how great you can be as a company to someone, how much you love something new you’re willing to start, or when you should start dreaming to wake up at the right time.
Timing is hard… it takes knowing deeply your own processes to understand when you need some rain, some solitude or the sunny power of a smile.
Vanessa Aquino.

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