Friday, March 27, 2009

Scene for an eternalized love

I love you
Every time the moon rises
At every day that rests far away
Behind the city…
I love you,
And it doesn’t matter if the dusty clouds
Insistently hide our sky
To me the stars are always shining
The sunset is always a suicide of the day
To be born pure tomorrow…
I love you,
And even knowing that the moon
Belongs to all that are in love
It doesn’t matter…
The moon I see is another one,
It’s mine and it’s yours
Nobody cares more about the stars than us
Nobody waits for the sunset
Nobody notices that our sparks are the ones that enlighten the sky
I love you
And the sun lies down on my bed
With desires of waking up
And being you.

Vanessa Aquino.

Translated by Vanessa Aquino.

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