Monday, August 25, 2014

Pirate Love

And so there was me
troubled by the sand and sea
Believing the sun was so lazy
It wouldn't wake up a single daisy.
The bay was dark and shy
Alone I was, that's why
...then I followed the way in the sky
to arrive to my tryst on the sly.

A handsome pirate was waiting
He had no eye patch or braiding.
He showed me his ship far away,
and offered me some rum from Bombay.
Not sure it was me or the rum
but my view turned crooked and dumb,
The pirate promised me wonders,
Whales, sunrises and plunders.
I didn't believe it at first
But through the water a whale burst.

The sunrise sure came next
he held my hand, I was perplexed
A silent moment invaded the scene
I smiled hoping my teeth looked clean
That's the story of me and him
We got started by a simple whim:
Sharing a laugh, sharing a smile
sharing some love for our own guile

And if you ever see a big ship coming by
Don't hesitate, come to say "hi!"

Vanessa Emmanuelle