Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About The Liars

Do you know how it is when the circus arrives in a village?
Everybody gets excited. People want to watch the show, see the artists, be friends with the clowns, fall in love with the trapeze artists, re-connect with the dreams their souls have forgotten.
The show starts and the artists fill up the audience's heart with dreams and promises... some of them are true, but most of them are like soap bubbles, light spheres dancing through the space, so beautiful, so colorful, but totally empty and ephemeral.
The circus can't stay for too long, it has to go before the delicate bubbles fall in the audience's hands and vanish. The circus goes away silently and heavy.
Where is the circus? - The city pleads for the dreams and promises the artists brought, but it gets back to its routine as the truth comes up.
Goodbye colorful bubbles... goodbye empty promises... goodbye adorable liars...

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Renata - Villa La Briére said...

Beauttifuly written Well done! How Nice to read it now. Sometimes is how i feel, after the show.