Monday, February 12, 2007

Through my window

Everyday I have a warm and yellow sun to wake me up and a peculiar blue on my morning sky that cheers me up and it makes my day.

Everynigth I have an orange moon infatuated by this charming city that fascinates anyone because of its lights.
I can see birds singing on the porch and crossing the sky. I see the snow drifting over the city...

"I feel light
when I see this charming city
hidden in a sunshine
that slowly shows the colors,
colors that warm up my heart.
What sky is so blue?
What river is so silent?
Oh Boston, you make me blue..."

Vanessa Emmanuelle
November, 9th, 2006.

*Pictures 1 and 2 by Pedro Gattoni. Picture 3 (left) by Vanessa Aquino.

Vanessa Aquino

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